Do you dread the idea of replacing your roof? You’re certainly not alone. It’s a daunting prospect for almost any homeowner, mostly because of how infrequently it is needed. The average roof can last for decades, so homes usually need to go through a new roof installation no more than once during their tenure. Plus, the cost can be intimidating. Roof installation calls for a rather substantial investment, enough to make any budget-conscious homeowner be hesitant towards the idea.

There might also be other items on your to-do list for your home that sound more enticing than something as utilitarian as a new roof installation, such as remodeling your bathroom or adding a new deck. While the project certainly lacks the flash of other home improvements, roof replacement does have an edge over other pending projects as being one of the most critical for the longevity and future value of your home. Without a quality roof, your home is extremely susceptible to severe weather conditions — something we know all too well here in Georgia — that can depreciate your home’s value over time.

Don’t worry though, there are many other important benefits to a new roof installation outside of the more obvious aspects of practicality. Here is a list of a few of the many other advantages that a new roof will provide for your home and family outside of better protecting you from the elements.


Property Value: A new roof makes your home much easier to sell. This is because potential home buyers know just as well as you do the implications that come with a roof that will need to be replaced soon. Many prospective buyers will walk away from homes that appear to be in need of a new roof installation in the approaching years, or at the very least attempt to negotiate the cost much lower. If you decide to sell your home in the future and there ends up being multiple houses for sale in the area that you are competing with, having a new roof will give you the competitive edge to sell your home first without settling for less money. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Value Report, a new roof increases home resale value by a national average of nearly $12,000. It is also important to note, depending on how poor the condition of your roof is, your home sale could be stopped dead in its tracks by inspectors and appraisers.


Return on Investment (ROI): It was also revealed that the typical homeowner that has a new roof installed can expect to recover 67 percent of the roof installation cost through the increase in the home’s value. This makes a new roof installation one of the most rewarding home improvement projects to tackle. Remodeling your bathroom or adding that new back deck that you’ve been dreaming about wouldn’t result in near the same return on investment as your new roof would; making it worth adding to the top of your to-do list. There are also plenty of financing options available here at BulletROOF® to help with the upfront investment.


Energy Efficiency: Chances are, if your roof is older, it is likely leaking cold and hot air, meaning your HVAC system has to work harder to achieve your ideal climate in your home. A new roof installation allows your HVAC system to work less hard and more efficiently, thus saving you money on your monthly energy bills.


Curb Appeal: A new roof may sound all practical with no flash, but there is no denying that it makes your home look good, real good! Realtors estimate that as much as 40 percent of your home’s curb appeal is directly linked to your roof.


Health: Older roofs are also more likely to have health hazards as old shingles may have mold and bacteria growing in them. This can easily contaminate the air inside of the home if their are air leaks in your roof.


Safety: If you procrastinate a new roof installation for too long, the old, dilapidated roof may eventually give out in the event of a severe storm. This would cost much more than a new roof installation ever would have been. It also becomes more of a liability to replace older, more deteriorated roofs since they are more capable of collapsing during the replacement.


New Technology: The shingles of today are far superior than those that were used in previous decades, lasting much longer than their predecessors. BulletROOF® also prides itself in using the latest technology for tackling new roof installations, making your roof last longer at a precise and manageable cost.


Warranties: The high quality roofs of today are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Although, if any issues do arise with your roof, roofing companies provide excellent warranties. At BulletROOF®, we offer the Owens Corning™ Platinum Protection Roofing System Limited Warranty, which includes our strongest coverage and workmanship for life.


Peace Of Mind: This is our favorite benefit. No one wants the continued stress of wondering whether or not their roof is capable of withstanding the hardships of Mother Nature. With a BulletROOF®, you’ll sleep easy at night knowing your roof is reliable and warrantied for years.

From all of us at BulletROOF®, we hope these benefits will help you with deciding whether or not a new roof installation is right for you and your home. Be sure to reach out to get a free quote for roof installation today and receive a free $100 gift card!