Congratulations! You’ve made the decision that it’s time for a new roof. Your home will be a hectic place for a few days, and inevitably it will be loud and messy. The following is a full low-down on what to expect with your roof installation and how you can best prepare to make it a smooth and stress-free process.


What To Expect

First, the roof installation team will deliver your new shingles to your home. They will also drop off a dumpster in or by your driveway to throw away all of the debris from the old roof. There’s a lot to dispose of when removing an existing roof. They also may have to park multiple vehicles near your home. So for their sake, as well as yours, it would be best to move your cars into the garage or onto the road to keep them away from all of the chaos.

The roofing contractors might also bring port-a-potty to put close by on your property so that they aren’t having to come inside to use the bathroom in your home (and mess up the inside of your house) while they are working. If there is a specific place you would like them to place it, be sure to bring it up to them when they first arrive to your home. The roofers will also most likely cover up your plants and any other items in your yard to protect them from falling debris.

Did we mention the mess already? It is very common for debris to land in the attic or on the ground around your home. When the plywood is being completely replaced, there is no way to avoid having somewhat of a mess build up in the attic.

Another factor to be prepared for from the get-go is noise. If you don’t have a job that requires you to be up early, be prepared to be up early regardless unless you choose to wear ear plugs or headphones to sleep. The reason it will be so noisy is because the roofers will use all sorts of tools in the initial cleaning of your roof to install the new materials. Then, the installation of the new shingles is a loud process as well as they have to nail them to your new roof, with multiple nails per shingle — it will be loud and persistent.


Inside Your Home

With the noise also comes vibrations from the tools being used for your roof installation. In order to keep the valuables in your home safe, it is best to remove most items hanging on the walls that could be knocked loose due to this. Be sure to also cover up any items that you want to protect from dust falling from the ceiling. To play it safe, we recommend covering up your clothing, furniture and bedding.

Outside Your Home

The day before your scheduled roof installation, move items like your patio furniture, potted plants, grill, lawn ornaments, and anything else that could get hit by falling debris away from the house either in the garage or an adequate distance away in the yard. A good rule of thumb is to keep these items a minimum of 30 feet away from your home while the roofers are working.

If you have children or pets, we recommend keeping them inside during the installation process, or to be even safer, take them somewhere else during the day. A roof construction site can be a dangerous place for children and animals to be playing.

Another way you can greatly assist your roof installation team if you are able is to remove TV antennas, satellite dishes and solar panels from your roof. It also helps the process greatly if you mow your lawn sometime close to your upcoming roof installation, because tall grass makes cleanup difficult. If you have a pool, you will likely want to cover it so you won’t have to fish out the rubbish from it later.


We hope you find these tips helpful when preparing your home and family for an upcoming roof installation. If you are curious about possibly having your roof replaced, contact BulletROOF®, your go-to residential roofing company for Lawrenceville, GA, today to schedule a roof inspection or roof installation and receive a $100 gift card!