We’re back at it again here at BulletROOF® in Lawrenceville, Georgia, to put the myths of roof repair to rest and reveal the truth to you! Our first article on these myths covered some of the basic beliefs of roof repair that are falsely assumed. Here we will dive further into the processes that go along with roof repair. When correctly performed they can save you loads of money. If you haven’t yet, be sure to request a free quote today for your home’s roof repair or replacement and receive a $100 gift card!


If You Don’t Have Leaks, Your Roof Is Fine

This might be the most upsetting myth that we set the record straight on, but it’s the truth. Most people think they have no reason to be concerned about the condition of their roof until they start noticing leaks. The fact of the matter is, waiting until leaks are seen just means that a more expensive repair is going to have to occur. If you don’t currently notice any leaks, but you know that you have had the same roof for decades, it may be worth having an inspection done in the near future. You may not have leaks now, but older roofing can spring a leak at any given time. Our philosophy at BulletROOF® has always been solve the problem before it’s a bigger,more expensive problem. The key to a long-lasting roof is prevention instead of reaction.  


You Can Make Roof Repairs On Your Own

While it may be tempting, especially if you consider yourself a handyman or woman, it is best to leave it to the professionals no matter the size of the repair. This will end up saving you money. Besides the difficulty and danger aspects of climbing on your roof and patching away, professional roof repair companies have special equipment and tools that are required for repairs and difficult to access. It is also better to have repairs done with a warranty. Then if something is wrong, it is not your fault and another expense out of your pocket.


The More Insulation, The Better

One common misconception that has been accepted as truth by the majority of homeowners is that the more insulation you have, the better. The truth is that you probably don’t need near as much insulation installed as you think. In fact, adding too much can block your roof ventilation, which in turn traps moisture and can lead to warping and rotting of your sheathing (the wood under your shingles). This is one area where you will be glad to know that the less you spend on insulation, the better conditions for your roof. Don’t get us wrong, insulation is still very important; especially on those hot Georgia summer days when we appreciate it the most. The key is to have just enough insulation to conserve the power used heating and cooling your home without going above and beyond — impacting your roof’s susceptibility to moisture.

Gutters Don’t Have An Impact On Roof Performance

In many cases, homeowners mistakenly view gutters as an entirely separate system from their roof and don’t give them the maintenance and care that they deserve. If you rarely (or never) properly tend to your gutters, roof issues may be imminent. Your roof is designed to redirect water away from your home, and gutters play a vital role in this process. They prevent rainwater from dripping down your walls and divert it away from the foundation. If you allow your gutters to build up with too much debris, it can lead to molding within your roof, leaking in exterior walls, ice-damming, or eventually negatively impacting the foundation of your entire home. Cleaning out your gutters may sound like an unappealing chore, but it is simpler than it looks and can save you money down the line.

From all of us here at BulletROOF®, we hope that the exposing of these popularly held myths will help you make more informed decisions when it comes to taking care of your home’s roof as well as your future endeavors with roof repair and replacement. If you think it’s time to have your roof inspected, contact us today to schedule a roof inspection, repair, or replacement and receive a $100 gift card!